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exclusively for women


Posh Fit is a women-only gym with a mission to ensure that no one gets lost in the shuffle. Our Small Group Training has a maximum of 18 people with 1-2 coaches, so you get the expertise and intimacy of a personal training session with the motivation of a group. Our coaches make sure that you train safely and offer modifications for all levels, without judgment. Small-Group Fitness is like working out with friends as part of a team, and it is fun, more affordable than one-on-one training, and best of all, you will see and feel impressive results!

full spectrum infrared sauna


it's finally here!

Posh was just what I needed! I was in the market for a gym that was clean, judgment free, friendly, welcoming and effective without screaming but encouraging me to be my best throughout the 60... minutes…I found it at Posh!The owner, trainers and clientele are all amazing and dedicated to see you succeed in your fitness journey. I highly recommend this gym to every woman, no matter if you’re new to exercise or have been into fitness for years. It’s a marathon not a sprint…join for your body, join for your mind and join for the beautiful community of women rooting you on!read more
Taylor StagnerTaylor Stagner
02:58 27 Jan 22
Best all women’s gym in boca! Brand new sparkling clean! The women and coaches are amazing and encouraging!! The workouts are killer ! 10/10 recommend for women of all ages πŸ™‚
Joann RawlinsonJoann Rawlinson
22:13 26 Jan 22
Started at the end of last year around September and it was the best thing I could have done.. It is like family where the coaches know your name and push you to do better.. Not only do I love waking... up and going to the gym now it has pushed and encouraged me to be a better person.. It's not just the staff who are amazing the members are as well ! I am never bored Because everyday is something new and exciting. Hands down it's a great boutique gym ❤❤❤❤read more
kelsey spectorkelsey spector
21:08 26 Jan 22
Where do I even begin! I LOVE posh! Checks off everything that you expect out of a gym:β€’clean as can beβ€’best trainersβ€’supportβ€’familyβ€’nice equipmentClaudia has created such a welcoming place. I... love the exercise and music. So happy I found this place!read more
Beauty Glam StudioBeauty Glam Studio
13:49 03 Dec 21
I love Posh. The energy here is great and all the women are so supportive. No intimidation and the gym is extremely clean. Amazing happy place!



Posh Fit’s Booty Lab class has two variations that are designed to wake up your backside! On Monday, we reshape your booty and legs with progressive overload training.

On Thursday, we teach you a variety of movement combinations that target and tone muscles around the legs and glutes



Follow Kelli into an endurance-built class with shadow boxing in the first half and finishing with low intensity training, using resistance bands



Burn over 500 calories while targeting all the major muscle groups, strengthening your core, and improving your cardio fitness. This class focuses on compound exercises, using a variety of equipment, to build strength and keep you on the move!



We mix it up on Tuesday & Friday, targeting the entire upper body and conditioning. Exercises are changed each workout to tone and strengthen the upper body using a variety of resistance methods, including free weights, bands, TRX, and one’s own body weight.

Please Note: Class types and times may vary depending on schedule and holidays. You must set up an account and pre-register for classes. We cannot accept walk-ins. Get the Free App to view our current class schedule.

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How to get your booty ready for bikini season

Posh Fit’s Booty Lab class has two variations that are designed to wake up your backside!

We reshape the booty and legs through a variety of exercises each Monday that are designed to target every muscle in the body to build that booty. Because of this, your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes will be stronger and more muscular in this class.

Toning and strengthening

Each Thursday, we teach you a variety of exercise combinations designed to target and tone muscles in the legs and glutes. By using resistance bands, we can take you through proper form and technique to achieve a pump like no other. This resistance technique is based on isolation without the need for heavy weights and throw in a dash of cardio to challenge your metabolic endurance. An excellent way to increase strength and sculpt a beach booty is to take this class at Posh Fit.

Transformational Programs

Our Posh Body Transformational Program offers the best solution to get you into the greatest shape of your life. With our customized integrated nutrition, fitness, and health plan, you could achieve great results faster than you ever thought possible!

At our women-only gym, Posh Fit aims to embody sexy self-confidence throughout this decade and beyond by offering transformational workshops and programs that work with every level of fitness.

Ultramodern InBody Machine

Your transformation coach will track your measurements with our ultramodern InBody machine bi-weekly and help you understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Also, at Posh Fit we teach you how to continue to tailor your nutrition and workout program to your specific needs while keeping you motivated to do your best!

  • Posh Fit Body Transformation packages are designed to meet your individual goals.Β 
  • As you grow stronger in your strength fitness skills, your program will evolve to continually push you and make significant changes happen to your body.
  • Each workout session is 60 minutes.Β 
  • We believe in focused and highly efficient sessions that incorporate a warm-up and cool-down.

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