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Transformational Program & Workshops

The best way to ensure your journey gets you the results you want is to join a Posh Body transformational program.  With our customized integrated nutrition, fitness, and healthy plan, it's completely possible to get in the greatest shape of your life!

We work with all levels of fitness from beginners to athletes.  Throughout the year Posh Fit holds transformational programs and specific workshops geared to embody sexy self-confidence throughout this decade and beyond.

  • Posh Fit Body Transformation packages are designed to meet your individual goals. 
  • As you grow stronger in your strength fitness skills, your program will evolve to continually push you and make significant changes happen in your body.
  • Each workout session is 60 minutes. 
  • We believe in focused and highly efficient sessions that incorporate a warm-up and cool down.

Your transformation coach will track your measurements with our ultramodern "InBody" machine bi-weekly. Helping you understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss. We teach you how to continue to tailor your nutrition and workout program to your specific needs while keeping you motivated to do your best.

When you join a Posh Body Transformation Program, you receive daily support, encouragement, accountability, and camaraderie. This is extremely important and the key element that makes Posh Fit uniquely different!


Posh Body Transformational Program – Designed by Women for Women


  • Science-Based Results-Oriented Classes
  • Nutritional & Accountability Classes
  • Customized Meal Plans
  • Weekly Check-In with Your Transformation Coach
  • InBody Assessments
  • Healthy and Motivational Group Coaching


To inquire about our next POSH FIT Transformation program, download our app or email us at info@poshfitboca.com.