Starting July 6th- The 4 Week Ultimate Booty Boost Workshop.

Members and Non-members are invited to join us for a four-week workshop with Posh Fit’s fitness trainer Isidora. You’ll be guided through a variety of glute-focused exercises that will work your glutes from all angles, using bands and ankle weights.  The four-week workshop was created to help you get the most effective muscle burn possible for lifting and firming the booty, while also building strong and healthy hip joints.  The workshop uses specific floor exercises, you’ll learn how to expertly isolate and activate your glute muscles without putting any pressure on your knees and lower back.  By the end of the workshop, your entire lower body will be feeling stronger, and you’ll be confidently standing proud with a shapely booty. 

What is included in this course: 

  • Starting July 6 every Tuesday and Thursday 6:45-7:45pm for 4 weeks Through end of July.
  • 60 minutes, two days a week, for four weeks
  • Class is designed to build booty muscles, shape and strengthen hip joints, and eliminate body aches and pain
  • You’ll learn how to isolate and activate specific glute muscles to achieve the best results
  • Easy-to-follow directions for how to expand your range of motion, stabilize the entire body, remove pressure from the joints, and keep moving effectively
  • Slow and controlled movements
  • Member Fee: $60.00
  • Non-Member Fee: $129.00

Who should take this course: 

  • Anyone who wants to strengthen, lift, and tone their booty
  • Those who want to correct or improve their form and posture
  • Women who want to expand their range of motion and improve body stabilization
  • Women who enjoy working out in a fun and motivational atmosphere
  • Sculpt and strengthen your booty, with Posh Fit’s Booty Boost Workshop!

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