Posh Fit Boca

Claudia Stefano


Physical fitness has always been a prominent fixture in my life. In my early years as a college student, my mother had fallen ill and I was quickly thrust into adulthood landing on Wall Street amongst the elite corporate hustlers and stressful grind. It was during these ‘Working Girl’ days that I started working out at a woman’s fitness gym called Living Well Lady. That’s probably where my love for fitness came into play. I loved starting my day with my workout girlfriends and hustling off to work. It was the balance that I needed and where I created some lifelong friendships which I maintain and cherish to this day. This is what prompted the idea of creating POSH Fitness.

I want all women to experience that camaraderie. I have bounced around over the years through several fitness facilities, but something always felt like it was missing. The sense of community and support from other women was that missing piece for me and if I couldn’t find it, I was going to build it. Here we are in present day and I really want all the passion I have put in to resonate in our studio and with the ladies that join our POSH FIT Family! I have always strived to be a better version of myself and my vision is to continue making POSH an evolving environment that keeps giving back to our community.